[C] Cards Against Equinity

Cartes blanches

A cutie mark.
A daisy sandwich.
A decorative toaster cozy.
A giant horse cock.
A hoof in the ass.
A horny stallion.
A human fetish.
A juice box fetish.
A juice box.
A mare in heat.
A racially pure Cloudsdale.
A sexy saddle.
A sock fetish.
A Sonic Raingasm.
A tactical sonic rainnuke.
A tree.
Actually cumming inside Rainbow Dash.
An epic pony war in the distant future.
An extremely horny Granny Smith.
Another doughnut! With extra sprinkles!
Avasting Fluttershy's Ass.
Baked Bads.
Banned From Equestria (Daily).
Being trapped on the Moon for 1000 years.
Best Pony.
Big Macintosh.
Celestia's Hoof.
Celestia's massive harem of foals.
Crippled foals.
Da Magicks.
Daring Do fanfiction.
Dark Magicks.
Derpy Hooves.
Diamond Dog roleplay.
Filly fiddling.
Fluffy Pony.
Fluttershy's secret stash.
Fluttershy's Shed.
Foal abuse.
Gabby Gums.
Gently stroking the horn.
Getting 20% cooler!
Having hot pony sex with Bloomberg.
Horn Necrosis.
Hugging a pony non-sexually.
Joe's Donut Hole.
John Joseco.
Lyra Heartstrings.
Making Magic.
Man Spike.
Mare Supremacy.
Molestia's sex dungeon.
My OC.
Nightmare Moon.
Orphaned foals.
Pegasus wing deformities.
Pinkamena Diane Pie.
Pinkamena's hacksaw.
Pinkie Pie in full latex.
Pinkie Pie.
Poison Joke.
Ponies wearing clothes.
Ponies with fricken' laser beams attached to their heads!
Pony racism.
Pony-Griffon marriage.
Princess Celestia.
Princess Luna.
Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.
Princess Molestia.
Queen Chrysalis.
Raging wingboners.
Rainbow Crash.
Rainbow Dash.
Scoot, Scoot-A-Loo.
Secretly being a changeling all along.
Shaking Dat Plot.
Sloppy clop.
Speaking Fancy.
Spike's understanding of biology.
Steven Magnets.
Stretching those glutes.
Sweetie Belle.
Sweetie Belle's virgin marshmallow pussy.
Sweetie Bot.
That Lyra plushie.
That squee noise.
The Cakes.
The Chocolate Mousse Moose.
The Friendship Express.
The Grand Galloping Gala.
The Great and Powerful Trixie Lulamoon.
The Moon.
The Pegasus Master Race.
The Rainbow Factory.
Twilight Sparkle.
Twilight's secret clop stash.
Two fillies shitting into a bucket.
Unicorn Privilege.
Vinyl Scratch / DJ Pon-3.
Whipping the Earth Pony slaves.
Winter Wrap Up.
Worst pony.
Zecora's meth lab.

Cartes noires

____ has won the national Equestrian award for ____.
____ is best pony.
____ should ____ ____.
____? That's future Spike's problem.
____. That is my fetish.
After a wild night of crusading, Applebloom learned that ____ was her super special talent.
After a wild night of partying, Fluttershy awakens to find ____ in her bed.
After living for thousands of years Celestia can only find pleasure in ____.
Aloe and Lotus have been experimenting with a radical treatment that utilizes the therapeutic properties of ____.
And that's how Equestria was made!
Big Mac sleeps soundly whenever ____ is with him.
BUY SOME ____!
Daring Do and the quest for ____.
Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned about ____.
Despite everypony's expectations, Sweetie Belle's cutie mark ended up being ____.
Equestrian researchers have discovered that ____ is The 7th Element of Harmony.
Every Morning, Princess Celestia Rises ____.
Everypony was shocked to discover that Scootaloo's cutie mark was ____.
Giggle at ____!
I never knew what ____ could be, until you all shared its ____ with me.
I'd like to be ____.
In a fit of rage, Princess Celestia sent ____ to the ____ for ____.
In a stroke of unparalleled evil, Discord turned ____ into ____.
In a world without humans, saddles are actually made for ____.
Inexplicably, the only thing the parasprites wouldn't eat was ____.
It turns out Hitler's favorite pony was ____.
It's not a boulder! It's ____!
Lauren Faust was shocked to find ____ in her mailbox.
Luna didn't help in the fight against Chrysalis because she was too busy with ____.
My cutie mark would be ____.
Not many people know that Tara Strong is also the voice of ____.
Nothing makes Pinkie smile more than ____.
Once upon a time, the land of Equestria was ruled by ____ and ____.
Ponyville is widely known for ____.
Ponyville was shocked to discover ____ in Fluttershy's shed.
Prince Blueblood's cutie mark represents ____.
Rainbow Dash has always wanted ____.
Rainbow Dash is the only pony in all of Equestria who can ____.
Rainbow Dash received a concussion after flying into ____.
Rarity has a long forgotten line of clothing inspired by ____.
Rarity was supposed to have a song about ____, but it was cut.
Rarity's latest dress design was inspired by ____.
Should the Elements of Harmony fail, ____ is to be used as a last resort.
Super Speedy ____ Squeezy 5000.
Surprisingly, Canterlot has a museum of ____.
The Elements of Harmony were originally the Elements of ____.
The Everfree forest is full of ____.
The national anthem of Equestria is ____.
The only way to get Opal in the bath is with ____.
The worst mishap caused by Princess Cadance was when she made ____ and ____ fall in love.
To much controversy, Princess Celestia made ____ illegal.
Today, Mayor Mare announced her official campaign position on ____ and ____. No pony was the least bit surprised.
Twilight got bored with the magic of friendship, and now studies the magic of ____.
Twilight Sparkle owns far more books on ____ than she'd like to admit.
When Luna got to the moon, she was greeted with ____.
When Spike is asleep, Twilight likes to read books about ____.
Without any warning, Pinkie Pie burst into a song about ____.
You're a human transported to Equestria! The first thing you'd look for is ____.
Zecora is a well known supplier of ____ and ____.