[C] Admin's Picks

Cartes blanches

". . . ."
125% Reccomended Daily Allowance of cock.
A 3am phone call.
A bag of dicks.
A baseball to the nuts.
A beautiful little moment.
A big floppy donkey dick.
A Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
A big wet pink laser sword.
A bird fucking a horse.
A brief moment of aptitude.
A butt egg.
A Cleveland steamer.
A couch stinking of naked people.
A dead hooker.
A dead meme.
A delicious baby.
A Facebook stalker.
A fat middle-aged man in a Sailor Moon costume.
A Fleshlite™.
A fountain of vomit.
A fuck-mothering vampire.
A giant horse cock.
A Hello Kitty! vibrator.
A juice box.
A killer rabbit.
A mile-long penis.
A mindfuck.
A molotov cocktail.
A pretty epic poo.
A skeptical sheriff.
A smaller, whiter dick.
A spoon that is too big.
A street cleaning simulator.
A testicle examination.
A tiny white dick.
A tree.
A tub of Vaseline.
A wet paper towel.
A zombie fisherman.
An 8-ball.
An awkward slash fic between The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd.
An expensive rental costume.
An obscure reference only two people will get.
Anal tearing.
Asian cock.
Aya Hirano being gang-banged by her entire band.
Bed wetting.
Beer Pong.
Bees. My God.
Being banned from /r/pyongyang.
Being eaten by a titan.
Being frozen today.
Bleeding Anuses.
Bounty, the Quicker Picker Upper.
Catholic priests who drink, smoke, and carry guns.
Chuck Norris.
Clown strippers.
Cousin marriage.
Cowboy Bebop.
Dead catgirls.
Doctor Who.
Doing Gangnam Style at a funeral.
Don Knotts.
Dr. Phil.
Drills for hands.
Drinking on live TV.
Duck Hunt
Ezreal's hot sugary ass.
Fancy tampons.
Fart science.
Four Loko.
Fruit Fuckers.
Fuck you, I do what I want.
Fuck you, I'm a bear.
Fullmetal Alchemist.
Games you can play with bricks.
Genital warts.
George Costanza
Getting drunk before noon.
Getting mauled by a mountain lion AND a grizzly bear at the same time.
Getting off on anime porn.
Getting your penis cut in half.
Glenn Beck being torn apart by zombies.
Going full retard.
Googly eyes on a cock.
Granny panties.
Hello Kitty.
Holy dildos.
Hookers and blow.
Idiots who don't seem to realize that Avatar: The Last Airbender isn't really an anime.
Illegal immigrants.
Indiana Jones.
John Madden.
Just the tip!
Lara Croft.
Literally going to Hell.
Mandatory Sex Party.
Maple syrup.
Mario brutally murdering Sonic.
Mining for nose gold.
Miss. Piggy.
Morbid obesity.
Mountain Dew
Mr. Fancy Pants.
Mr. Hankey the Christmas Poo.
My mom.
My penis catching fire.
Not being pregnant.
Novelty Twitter accounts.
OVER 9000!!
Pacific Rim.
Peanutbutter jelly time.
Penn and Teller.
Pirate hookers.
Premature ejaculation.
Reading the manual.
Realizing, too late, that there is no toilet paper left.
Rule 34.
Santa Christ.
Sarah Fuckin' Palin.
Sex with strangers.
Show me your tits!
Skullcrusher Mountain.
Smooth jazz.
Sonic brutally murdering Mario.
Sonic the Hedgehog.
South Korea.
Soviet Russia.
Space Core.
Standing next to short people to use them as armrests.
Standing outside the gates of the White House completely naked with a revolver in your hand.
Stick figure porn.
Sticking your finger up her ass.
Surgeon Simulator 2013.
Surprise blowjobs.
Swinging an axe in the air while cornholing a bear.
Taking a seat with Chris Hansen.
Talking like a pirate.
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.
Tentacle rape.
Thanking your sex slaves.
That one episode of CSI.
The Angry Video Game Nerd.
The Bible.
The biggest, blackest dick.
The Card Czar.
The Columbine Shooting.
The crushed dreams of a stripper.
The Death Note.
the duck hunt dog
The elephant in the room.
The end of the world.
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
The Hare Hare Yukai dance.
The League of Legends.
The lost city of Atlantis.
the NES
The Nostalgia Critic.
The Power Glove.
The Power of Greyskull.
the PS4
the PSX
the SEGA Genesis
The smallest, whitest dick.
the SNES
The sound a single ThunderStix® makes.
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
The town drunk.
The Village People.
The Wii U
The world's tallest midget.
Time travel.
Toilet paper.
TotalBiscuit's top hat.
Trouser snakes.
Two midgets stacked up pretending to be one person.
Type-C Tetris music.
Typing with your genitals.
Using hot sauce as lube.
Vash the Stampede.
Watching FLCL while tripping on acid.
Xyzzy playing around with gender roles.
Yellow snow.
Your mom.
Your virgin soul.
Yu-Gi-Oh! The Abridged Series.

Cartes noires

____ and ____ are the new hot couple.
____ for president!
____ is a lie.
____ is camping my lane.
____ is my worst habit.
____ is the greatest Canadian.
____ is the name of my ____ cover band.
____ is the only thing that matters.
____ is the root of all evil.
____ makes me uncomfortable.
____ sounds like a great alternative rock band.
____ uses ____. It is SUPER EFFECTIVE!
____! You know, for kids.
____? It's a DLC item.
____. Everything else is uncivilized.
____. Goddammit, Japan.
____. That is my fetish.
"Why Grandma", said Little Red Riding Hood, "What big ____ you have!"
A wild ____ appeared! It used ____!
After I saw ____, I needed ____.
Alcoholic games of Clue® lead to ____.
All your ____ are belong to us
And it is said his ghost still wanders these halls, forever searching for his lost ____.
And on his farm he had ____, E-I-E-I-O!
And the award for the filthiest scene in an adult film goes to "5 women and ____."
At first I couldn't understand ____, but now it's my biggest kink.
Best drink ever: One part ____, three parts ____, and a splash of ____.
Best game of 2013? ____, of course.
Cunnilungus and psychiatry brought us to ____.
Digimon! Digivolve to: ____-mon!
Don't get mad, get ____.
Dustin Browder demands more ____ in StarCraft®.
Everything's better with ____.
Go-Go-Gadget, ____!
Have fun, don't be ____.
Hey guys, check out my ____ montage!
How do you get your dog to stop humping your leg?
I can't believe I spent most of my paycheck on ____.
I finally realized I hit rock bottom when I started digging through dumpsters for ____.
I have never in my life laughed harder than the first time I watched ____.
I watch movies just to see if I can find a Big Lipped ____ Moment.
I write slash fanfiction pairing ____ with ____.
I'm an expert on ____.
I'M-A FIRIN' MAH ____!
If life gives you ____, make ____.
If you could fuck anyone in the world, who would you choose?
In his next movie, Will Smith saves the world from ____.
It's difficult to explain to friends and family why I know so much about ____.
It's the end of ____ as we know it.
Just announced: The brand new anime adaptation of ____, starring ____ as the voice of ____.
Kill it with ____!
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ____... COVERED IN BEES!!!
Let's all rock out to the sounds of ____.
Long story short, I ended up with ____ in my ass.
Mom, I swear! Despite its name, ____ is NOT a porno!
My ____ is too big!
My life for ____!
No matter how you look at it, ultimately ____ is responsible for ____.
No one wants to see your ____.
Of my entire collection, my most prized possession is ____.
Oh god, I can't believe we ate ____ at PAX.
Okay, I'll admit it. I would totally go gay for ____.
On its last dying breath, ____ sent out a cry for help. A bunch of ____ heard the cry.
On the next episode of Dragon Ball Z, Goku has a fierce battle with ____.
Only in Korea can you see ____.
People die when they are ____.
Plan a three course meal.
Praise ____!
Real men watch ____.
So wait, ____ was actually ____? Wow, I didn't see that one coming!
Sorry Mario, but ____ is in another castle.
Stop, drop, and ____.
Take ____, it will last longer.
Tastes like ____.
The best part of waking up is ____ in your cup.
The government of Japan recently passed a law that effectively forbids all forms of ____.
The Himalayas are filled with many perils, such as ____.
The Holy Trinity: ____, ____, and ____!
The primitive villagers were both shocked and amazed when I showed them ____.
The road to success is paved with ____.
The sad truth is, that at the edge of the universe, there is nothing but ____.
The seldomly mentioned 4th little pig built his house out of ____.
The Xbox One's DRM policy isn't half as bad as ____.
There are guilty pleasures. And then there's ____.
There's ____ in my soup.
Think before you ____.
TotalBiscuit's top hat is actually ____.
Truly and without question, ____ is the manliest of all men.
Vegeta, what does the scouter say?
WANTED: $50,000,000,000 reward for the apprehension of____.
We'll always have ____.
Welcome to my secret lair on ____.
What can you always find in between the couch cushions?
What do I keep hidden in the crawlspace?
What doesn't work that way?
What have you accomplished today?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the next great Kickstarter project?
What is the saddest thing you've ever seen?
What is the worst thing anyone could say in front of the police?
What is your favorite book?
What is your mating call?
What made you happy today?
What mildy annoyed you today?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What will Xyzzy take over the world with?
What will YouTube add in its next unneeded update?
What would you taste like?
When I was a kid, all we had in Lunchables were three ____ and ____.
When it comes to Japanese cuisine, there's simply nothing better than ____.
When North Korea gets ____, it will be the end of the world.
Whenever I'm splashed with cold water, I turn into ____.
Who knew I'd be able to make a living off of ____?
Who let the dogs out?
Who needs a bidet when you have ____?
Who the hell do you think I am?!
Who would have guessed that the alien invasion would be easily thwarted by ____.
Who's an asshole?
Why are there six ____ when there are only four ____?
Why are you frothing with rage?
With Democrats and Republicans in a dead heat, the election was snatched by ____ party.