[C] SocialGamer

Cartes blanches

A Canadian penny.
A fountain of vomit.
Being banned from /r/pyongyang.
Billy the Answer Head.
Cleveland (it's not Detroit!).
dho's penis.
Dr. Phil.
Griffy's tits.
Jonathan Coulton.
MC Frontalot.
Paul and Storm.
Performing the Secret Slime Action.
Pretending you're Xyzzy.
Suddenly realizing you're retarded.
The best card in my hand.
The biggest, blackest dick.
The Chilled Knife.
The Hollaad Tonnel.
The League of Legends.
The lost city of Atlantis.
The sound a single ThunderStix® makes.

Cartes noires

____ has the "mount" keyword.
____ is the name of my ____ cover band.
____ probably tastes better than Quiznos.
Alcoholic games of Clue® lead to ____.
At the last PAX, Paul and Storm had ____ thrown at them during "Opening Band".
Don't slow down in East Cleveland or ____.
Drunken games of Pretend You're Xyzzy lead to ____ and ____.
Much ____. So ____. Wow.
Next on GSN: "The $100,000 ____."
Nickelodeon's next kids' game show is "____", hosted by ____.
Who dunnit? ____ with ____ in ____.