[C] Northernlion

Cartes blanches

A Bane impression.
A beef swarm.
A big wet pink laser sword.
A brief moment of aptitude.
A bunch of jabronies.
A butt egg.
A butt pooping upwards an egg.
A delicious baby.
A docking sleeve.
A DraculaFetus animation.
A failed challenge run.
A lemon mishap.
A little bit of added defense.
A mile-long penis.
A motherfucker.
A profile pic that looks like a dick and balls.
A street cleaning simulator.
A tactical backflip.
A total scumbag.
A urination break.
A water supply full of leeches.
An old man carrying a box of glass down stairs.
Anything from http://www.thenorthernlionstory.com/.
Banana bread.
Beating it on camera.
Being terrible at games.
Big Hat Logan.
Blondes, brunettes, and redheads.
Blue Baby.
Bow to your sensei!
Butt meat.
Checking the wiki.
Cheeseysaurus Rex.
Childlike bukakke.
Classic Northernlion.
Coming on Milhouse.
Corner fucking.
Crazy Mike.
Cross-dimensional fucking.
Dang it, Bobby!
Dark holes.
Detroit Dock City.
Drinkable fire.
Dung pies.
Dying in a hang gliding accident.
Excuse me?
Eyeless ooze guys.
Falling down the stairs with a bag full of glass.
Fat Robert Downey Jr.
Feline eugenics.
Fuck tables.
Fucking during a Diphtheria epidemic.
Getting corner fucked.
Getting wood.
Harry Potter and the Chamber of a Salty Surprise.
Hookers, blow, and JSmithOTI.
John Madden.
Josh's washing machine.
JSmith's laundry.
JSmith's salty nuts.
Kate's Mario Party skills.
Krazy Mike doing a backflip, throwing a talking nut, and chanting "Hello!"
Krazy Mike.
Lara Croft.
Like you, but not rogue-like you.
Losing to Monstro after 300 hours of experience.
Losing to Quelaag 12 times in 72 minutes.
Magic: The Gathering.
Maple syrup.
Michael Caine's spider collection.
Michaelalfox's love of cheese.
Michaelalfox's muscles.
Milking the poop for red hearts.
Mom's knife.
Mom's pad.
Mount Your Friends: Docking Edition.
Nipple hair.
Northernlion's cancelled Assassin's Creed II let's play.
Northernlion's coffee maker.
Northernlion's hair.
Northernlion's pooping album.
Not Satan, I promise.
Novelty Twitter accounts.
Ohm, our god.
Ohm's mindgames.
Patrick Dempsey thrusting violently into my midsection.
Permanent Polaroid invincibility.
Poison Mushroom.
Pot magic.
Poutine-induced diabetes.
Pretending youtube let's playing is a real job.
Projectile annoyance.
Putting your balls in her butt.
Puzzle platformers with rogue-like elements.
Quelaag's Furysword.
Rogue-like likes.
Roll Fizzlebeef.
Ronald McDonald.
Setting the world on fire.
Shit happens.
Shooting the black guy.
Shooting the poop.
Solaire of Astora.
Soul level 1 invasions.
South Korea.
Spy Party racism.
Steven Docking.
Stream lag.
Striking fear into the hearts of your enemies.
Stupid damage.
Talking nuts.
That damned HDPVR.
The Anor Londo Archers.
The backroom casting couch.
The Binding of Isaac wiki.
The blue candle.
The Four Horsemen of The Apocolypse.
The fuck zone.
The ghost of Ohmwrecker.
The NLSS: drawing unwanted attention from the actual docking community.
The Northernlion Story.
The notorious Grey's Anatomy let's play.
The Ozymandias head.
The saga of Krazy Mike.
The Thug of Porn.
The USS Buttfucker.
The World Docking Champion.
This cat, I swear to god.
Travelling by bones.
Type-C Tetris music.
Up in the air like a George Clooney movie.
Using the tears of an abused toddler to conquer my foes.
Vaginal silk worms.
Well, what is it?
When you fuck a dog in the ass and it shits all over your dick.
Whispering sweet nothings into your rear.

Cartes noires

____ caused Northernlion to take stupid damage.
____ has invaded!
____ is really essential to completing the game.
____ Is the best item in The Binding of Isaac.
____ is the worst item in The Binding of Isaac.
____ is/are Northernlion's worst nightmare.
____ sounds like a great alternative rock band.
____ was full of leeches.
____ was indicted on account of ____.
____: The ____ Story.
____: The Northernlion Story.
____! Get off the ____!
____? It's a DLC item.
____? Well, I won't look a gift horse in the mouth on that one.
____. Everything else is uncivilized.
"Hey everybody and welcome to Let's Look At ____!"
After Mars, ____ is the next furthest planet from the sun.
After winning yet another race, Josh made ____ tweet about ____.
And now we're going to be fighting ____ on ____.
As always, I will ____ you next time!
Best game of 2013? ____, of course.
But that ____ has sailed.
Dang it, ____!
Even ____ is/are better at video games than Northernlion.
Everything's coming up ____.
Finding something like ____ would turn this run around.
Follow MichaelALFox on Twitter and you can see pictures of ____.
Fox would still be here if not for ____.
Fuck the haters, this is ____.
Get in my ____ zone.
Green loves the new Paranautical Activity item ____, but keeps comparing it to the crossbow.
Hello anybody, I am ____Patrol.
Hello everybody, welcome to a new episode of ____ plays ____.
How did Northernlion unite Scotland?
How do you get your dog to stop humping your leg?
I beat Blue Baby with only ____ and ____!
I can do ____ and die immediately afterward.
I don't even see ____ anymore; all I see are blondes, brunettes, redheads...
I have ____, can you ____ me?
I wasn't even that drunk! I just had some ____, ____, and ____.
I'd sacrifice ____ at the Altar.
I'm in the permanent ____ state.
If sloth ____ are wrong I don’t want to be right.
Invaded the world of ____.
It's ____, ya dangus!
It's true that Green9090 is ____, but we must all admit that Ohm is better at ____
JSmithOTI is referred to as a Scumlord, but his friends call him ____.
JSmithOTI: Total ____.
Krazy Mike lost to ____!
Legend has it, the Thug of Porn was arrested for ____.
Let's Look At: ____.
More like the Duke of ____, right?
My apologies to the ____ estate.
My channel is youtube.com/____.
My name is ____ and today we'll be checking out ____.
No one man should have all that ____.
Northernlion always forgets the name of ____.
Northernlion has alienated fans of ____ by calling them ____.
Northernlion has been facing ridicule for calling ____ a rogue-like.
Northernlion was fired from his teaching job and had to flee South Korea after an incident involving ____ and ____.
Northernlion's cat Ryuka is known for ____ while he records.
Northernlion's doctor diagnosed him today with ____, an unfortunate condition that would lead to ____.
Northernlion's latest novelty Twitter account is @____.
Northernlion's refusal to Let's Play ____ was probably a good call.
Of all the things that Ryan and Josh have in common, they bond together through their mutual love of ____.
Oh god, I can't believe we ate ____ at PAX.
Oh my god, he's using ____ magic!
Ohmwrecker is known for his MLG online play. What people don't know is that he's also MLG at ____.
On its last dying breath, ____ sent out a cry for help. A bunch of ____ heard the cry.
One thing Northernlion was right about was ____.
Only in Korea can you see ____.
Pimp your ___!
Praise the ____!
Recently, Northernlion has felt woefully insecure due to ____.
Roguelike? How about ___-like.
Say that to my face one more time and I'll start ____.
Sometimes, a man's just gotta ____.
That's the way ____ did it, that's the way ____ does it, and it''s worked out pretty well so far.
The hero of the stream was ____.
The Holy Trinity: ____, ____, and ____!
The next movie reading will be of ____.
The only way NL is ever going to make it to Hell in Spelunky is by using ____.
The stream broke when Ryuka stepped on the ____ key.
The stream was going well until ____.
The Youtube chat proved ineffective, so instead we had to communicate via ____.
This new game is an interesting ____-like-like.
This time on ____ vs. ____, we're playing ____.
Today on Crusader Kings 2, NL plays King ____ the ____.
Today's trivia topic is ____.
Travel by ____.
We're having technical difficulties due to ____.
We're rolling in ____!
Welcome back to The Binding of Isaac. Today's challenge run will be based on ____.
Well there's nothing wrong with ____ by any stretch of the imagination.
What do you give to the CEO of Youtube as a gift?
What gave Ohmwrecker his gaming powers?
What interrupted the #NLSS?
What would Ohm do?
What would you do if Ohm really did just die?
When I was a kid, all we had in Lunchables were three ____ and ____.
Whenever I ___, take a drink.