[C] That Guy With The Glasses

Cartes blanches

8-Bit Mickey on an unstoppable merry-go-round.
80's Dan.
90's Kid.
90's Kid's comic collection.
A baseball to the nuts.
A bat credit card.
A Big Lipped Alligator Moment.
A big long pink ding dong penis.
A bird fucking a horse.
A Blip ad for the most embarrassing reality show ever.
A Blip check.
A bootleg ninja turtle action figure possessed by Satan.
A Brad Jones impersonation.
A car landing on a roof.
A case of disappearing bears.
A Chia-Child.
A congregation of bums.
A crossover.
A Crystal Pepsi®-flavored enema.
A Cybermat in a bow tie.
A delicious fried chicken holocaust.
A demonic Teddy Ruxpin doll.
A disembodied orgasm hippo.
A DMCA takedown notice.
A doppelganger in black leather with a sword.
A douchequake.
A drugged Oancitizen in a schoolgirl outfit.
A fan artist.
A giant go-fuck-yourself spider.
A greased-up meth guy.
A guest appearance by Giovanni Jones, the talking lobster.
A half naked, fencing JewWario.
A hand-basket of lobsters.
A killer rabbit.
A legion of mechawolves.
A legion of spiders.
A Linkara cameo.
A mexican car wash.
A misguided Tumblr activism campaign.
A mobile meth lab in your pants.
A Mr. T Trading Card.
A naked rampage.
A novelty slot machine.
A Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster.
A pile of skulls.
A pink tutu.
A plushie cybermat.
A plushie TARDIS.
A poorly made knockoff action figure.
A poorly-written ugly mess.
A REALLY big hoopla about nothing.
A really pimped out DeLorean.
A secret goat porn stash.
A Serbian Film.
A smoking, muscled ice cream cone shooting guns and eye lasers.
A speeding NERF dart to the junk.
A squadron of attack Corgis.
A squadron of line-dancing hippos.
A strip-tease from the Nostalgia Critic.
A talking snail in a suit.
A tauntaun puppy.
A tiny white dick.
A titanic, undead, six-headed space dragon spewing bubbles.
A very serious hat.
A zombie fisherman.
Accidentally punching your cohost in the face.
Almost dying at Sesame Street.
Ambiguously nude Linkara.
An art film Kyle's reviewed.
An autoclitorodectomy.
An awkward slash fic between The Nostalgia Critic and The Angry Video Game Nerd.
An electronic cigarette that resembles a Sonic Screwdriver.
An elevator party.
An evangelizing minion.
An existential crisis over internet reviews.
An impassioned plea for understanding.
An obligatory cameo.
An obscure reference only two people will get.
An unhinged Oancitizen rolling towards the sea.
Anal tearing.
Andrew Dickman.
Angrily eating lettuce.
Angrily playing piano.
Angry Joe dancing in a squid suit.
Angry Joe.
Angry Joe's raging boner.
Another fucking Iron Liz pun.
Another goddamn PhilBuni Vine.
Aplos, or Steve, the Wizard.
Arlo P. Arlo.
Arlo the Orc.
Ash and Checkers.
Ashens taking a blowtorch to a crappy toy.
Ask That Guy raped by Ma-Ti live.
Ask That Guy With The Glasses.
Ass demons.
Australia, Florida of the Pacific.
Awkward pity sex with a sparkly teenage Cthulu.
Bath salts.
Because no one wants to see your dick.
Because the Kool-Aid Man is red.
Because there's nothing sexy at the Wal-Mart.
Becoming possessed and insulting your colleague.
Bees. My God.
Being awkward around your favorite reviewer.
Being frozen today.
Bennett the Sage.
Beppo the Invisible Monkey.
Big Butter Jesus.
Big Jim Slade.
Black Lantern Spoony.
Blockbuster Buster busting a nut.
Brad, drinking a Turkey-flavored Jones Soda.
Breaking someone's spine by fucking.
Bruno Matei.
Butchered Dutch.
Carl Copenhagen.
Chester A. Bum.
Chuck Norris.
Comicron One.
Confusing The Last Angry Geek and Linkara.
Corporate Commander.
CR's collection of My Little Pony pins.
Creepy fans at cons buying expensive stuff for MarzGurl.
Creepy guys in the RDA chat hitting on Tara.
Crying your eyes out at a bunch of online reviewers.
Crystal Pepsi®.
Cynthia Rothrock
Dark Nella.
David Bowie's package.
Derek the Bard.
Derek the Bard's hat.
Diamanda Hagan.
Diamanda Hagan's sexbot.
Diamanda's copy of Cockhammer.
Disney's Anne Frank.
Disturbing comments in the RDA chat.
Dodger of Zion.
Dodger's ban chain.
Dodging blowjobs.
Dogs wearing pantyhose.
Dolphin rape.
Dominic the Bartender.
Dr. Insano.
Dr. Tease & Dr. Block.
Dr. Wiki.
Dragging Oancitizen back home from a wild night of partying.
Dump cards.
E Rod's smooth, smooth dance skills.
Eating the flesh of your foes while howling at the moon.
Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven TARA Way.
Evilina's monstrous visage.
Explosively masturbating with Malachite's Hand.
Ferdinand Von Turrell.
Film Brain, dressed tastefully in fashionable clothing.
Film Brain's hair.
Film Brain's lovely accent.
Film Renegado creaming himself over Pacific Rim.
Finding out that "it's not Pop Tarts!"
Firing a blue shell at the opposing house ship.
Florida Man.
Flying sex snakes in monocles and bow ties.
Forcing an NPC to haul your crap.
Fort Super-Awesome.
Frying the Coke.
Fuck you, I do what I want.
Fucking bubbles.
Fuckstick the Magic Dragon.
Gargoyle Cat.
Getting buggered by a giant hamster.
Getting mauled by a mountain lion AND a grizzly bear at the same time.
Glenn Beck being torn apart by zombies.
Going full retard.
Going through the effort to build a wall in your back yard just to bash your head into it over and over again.
Hagan's dictator tendencies.
Hagan's make up artist.
Hagan's masturbating minion.
Harmony Korine.
Harvey Finevoice's fine voice.
Having sex at a screening of Mr. Popper's Penguins.
Hippo Queen Tara.
Hitler without the mustache.
Humping a can of trash.
Il Neige in a freakishly accurate Film Brain costume.
Invading a micronation in Nevada and making it your own.
Iron Liz.
Jaeris, the Gunslinger.
JewWario's solar penis.
Joe Quesada.
Killing clowns.
Kung Tai Ted.
Kyle humping a trashcan.
Kyle playing GTA while drunk.
Kyle's "unicorns."
Laura, the Fender Stratocaster Goddess.
Linkara crying in his Gatorade made of cybermat tears.
Linkara lying naked on his futon, playing with a Cybermat.
Linkara stalking Gail Simone on Twitter.
Linkara, dressed as the Green Ranger.
Linkara, dropping an F-Bomb.
Linkara, sexily eating a salad.
Linkara's 'special' comic books.
Linkara's cybermat invasion force.
Linkara's fangirl support group.
Linkara's futon.
Linkara's hat.
Linkara's magic gun.
Linkara's masculine arms.
Linkara's massive ego.
Literally drinking bottled fangirl tears.
Little Pluckies Ninja Protects.
Lord Vyce.
LordKaT's used nipple tassles.
Luke Mochrie's trust fund.
Luke's curly hair.
Luke's inners.
Lupa's brand of hair dye.
Ma-Ti being castrated and having his balls shipped to Oancitizen in the mail by Diamanda Hagan.
Magical fairy sex.
Making angry love to a DVD copy of "Neverending Story III".
Malachite's Hand.
Mary Sewage.
Marzkara fanfiction.
Maven of ze Eventide.
Maven's secret sparkling vampire dildo.
Mechakara's phallic drill.
Melvin, brother of the Joker.
Mexican Spider-Man.
My mom.
My penis catching fire.
Naked crazy.
Nash breaking his ass.
Nash dressed in drag.
Nash in a gimp suit.
Nash popping a blood vessel over Florida.
Nash, dressed as The Undertaker.
Nash, making "vroom vroom" noises.
Nash, making train sounds in a bathtub.
Nash's creepy face.
Nash's folksy, velvety voice.
Nash's long, long hair.
Nella's cleavage Altoids.
Newborn porn.
Not reading the FAQ.
Nun fuckery.
Obelisk Blue Linkara.
Obscurus Lupa.
Only being on the site because of the influence of famous acquaintences.
Over-intrusive fanboys.
Pants that need to be darkened.
Paw's soul patch.
Penis whiskers.
Phelous making love to his Turtles collection.
Playing TGWTG Cards Against Humanity at stupid o'clock.
Pol Pot pies.
Poop, as a plan.
Punching your foe in the stomach and screaming "I AM A MAN!"
PushingUpRoses' bird tattoos.
Putting sexy pantyhose on your dog.
Rachel Tietz, trying to Kill the Nostalgia Critic.
Radio Dead Air.
Rapidly pounding themselves in the face with a hammer.
Reading fan fiction on a live stream.
Reading the comments.
Requesting John Cage's "4'33" on Radio Dead Air.
Reviewer dibs.
Reviews of $20 lamps.
Ripping off part of your penis.
Rob Liefeld.
Robotic sex slaves that are made to feel sadness.
Rule 34 of Linkara and a lamp.
Sad Panda.
Sad Panda's lanky, manly chest.
Sage's "RAPE!" face.
Santa Christ.
Santa Christ's raging boner.
Sci-Fi Guy's ponytail.
Sex, violence, and Daffy Duck screaming.
Sharkleberry Finn-flavored Kool-Aid.
Shooting colored corn syrup up your nose.
Shouting "FUS-RO-DAH!" at a puppy.
Slightly creepy comments about Tara's hair.
Smarty's special bag of AIDS.
Smoking kittens.
Snowflame, feeling no pain.
Snowflame's cocaine flavored popsicles.
Snowflame's fuzzy slippers.
Sodomizing a loved one with a baseball bat.
Space Core.
Space Guy.
Spoony's fans.
Stealing money off dead wolves.
Stick figure porn.
Storing your dead friend's ashes into a Quaker Oats can.
Suggestively eating a banana at the sight of David Bowie.
Superboy Prime.
Surprise blowjobs.
Taking someone by the shoulders, throwing them on the bed and riding them like a stallion.
Tara's tramautic childhood stories.
That Aussie Guy.
That Dude In The Suede.
That goddamned Colossus roar.
That one guy with snails.
That Sci-Fi Guy.
The Adventures of Horsemeat and the Placenta #1.
The Amazing Bulk.
The Angry Video Game Nerd.
The Blockbuster Buster.
The Channel Awesome satellite.
The Cinema Snob Movie DVD.
The Continuity Alarm.
The elephant in the room.
The Entity.
The Executor.
The Film Renegado.
The five months when the Nostalgia Critic was dead.
The Gooby Curse.
The Hippo Lantern Corps.
The Last Angry Geek.
The legendary MAGFest orgy.
The Longbox of the Damned.
The Makeover Fairy.
The most important job, reviewing a crappy comic book.
The next History of Power Rangers.
The Nostalgia Critic.
The Nostalgia Ranger.
The pig fucking movie.
The plot hole.
The Power Glove.
The Rap Critic.
The RDA drinking game.
The RDA IRC channel.
The Spocker.
The TGWTG site redesign.
The thick, muscular arms of ChaosD1.
The Trousers Cosmic.
The Uncanny Valley.
The Wal-Mart.
The Wunder Boner.
This fecal matter you call "Fluttershy".
Throwing a Baby Tumbles Surprise down a staircase.
Time travel.
Todd in the Shadows.
Todd trolling Chris Brown on Twitter.
Todd's unmasked visage.
Tommy Wiseau.
Twin clones of Hitler.
Using a frontloader to steal deodorant.
Using Crystal Pepsi as a substitute for lube.
Using donation money for weed.
Using your underwear to shoplift raw meat from your local Wal-Mart.
Ven Gethenian.
Ven's voice, a gift from the fairies.
Vigorously shagging your sister while holding a mug of warm tea.
Whatever the hell Barfiesta was supposed to be.
Y Ruler Of Time.
Yet another Thunderdome reference.
Youngblood's disease.
Your mom.
Zeo Linkara.
Zodan The Unbouncable.

Cartes noires

____ did ____ to avoid ____.
____ and ____ are in the worst comic Linkara ever read.
____ and ____ would make awesome siblings.
____ didn't make it onto the first AT4W DVD.
____ is only on the site because of ____.
____ is part of the WTFIWWY wheelhouse.
____ is something else Diamanda Hagan has to live with every day.
____ is the reason Linkara doesn't like to swear.
____ is the reason that ____ picked "AIDS."
____ is the subject of the Critic's newest review.
____ is the subject of the missing short from The Uncanny Valley.
____ is the theme of this year's anniversary crossover.
____ needs more gay.
____ should be on TGWTG.
____ was completely avoidable!
____ was the first thing to go when Hagan took over the world.
____ will be Linkara's next cosplay.
____ will be the subject of the next TGWTG panel at MAGFest.
____ will live!
____ wound up in this week's top WTFIWWY story.
____! What are you doing here?
____! You know, for kids.
____. With onions.
"Greetings, dear listeners. Won't you join ____ for ____?"
90's Kid's favorite comic is ____.
A ____ Credit Card!?
A piece of ____ is missing.
After ____, Phelous regenerated into ____.
After getting snowed in at MAGfest, the reviewers were stuck with ____.
ALL OF ____.
An intervention was staged for Linkara after ____ was discovered in his hat.
Arlo P. Arlo's newest weapon combines ____ and ____!
As a way of apologizing for a poorly received episode, E Rod promised to review ____.
At ConBravo, ____ will be hosting a panel on ____.
At his next con appearance, Linkara will cosplay as ____.
At least he didn't fuck ____.
At MAGFest, ____ will host a panel focusing on ____.
Because poor literacy is ____.
Being done with My Little Pony, 8-Bit Mickey has moved onto ____.
Being fed up with reviewing lamps, what obscure topic did Linkara review next?
Birdemic 3: ____
Blip checks are way smaller in January so I'll spend the month riffing on ____ to gain more views.
Brad Tries ____.
Doug still regrets the day he decided to do a Let's Play video for "Bart Simpson's ____ Adventure".
E Rod has a new dance move called ____.
Enemies of Diamanda Hagan have been known to receive strange packages filled with ____.
Even Kyle thinks ____ is pretentious.
Florida's new crazy is about ____.
For a late night snack, Nash made a sandwich of ____ and ____.
For the next Anniversary event, the TGWTG producers must battle ____ to get ____.
Good evening! I am ____ of ____.
He is a glitch. He is missing. He is ____.
Hello, and welcome to Atop ____, where ____ burns.
Hello, I'm a ____.
Hello, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember ____ so you don't have to!
Here There Be ____.
Hey kids, I'm Nash, and I couldn't make ____ up if I tried.
Hey Nash, whatcha playin'?
High and away on a wing and a prayer, who could it be? Believe it or not, it's just ____.
How is Bennett going to creep out Ask That Guy this time?
I ____ so you don't have to.
I asked Linkara to retweet ____, but instead, he retweeted ____.
I love ____. It's so bad.
I prefer for MY exploitation films to have ____, thank you very much.
I watch movies just to see if I can find a Big Lipped ____ Moment.
I write slash fanfiction pairing ____ with ____.
I'm going to die watching ____ review ____.
I'm looking forward to Jesuotaku's playthrough of Fire Emblem: ____.
If ____ got to direct an Uncanny Valley short, it would have featured ____.
If a dog and a dolphin can get along, why not ____ and ____?
If I wanted to see ____, I'll stick with ____, thank you very much.
If you are able to deflect ____ with ____, we refer to it as "Frying ____".
If you value your life, never mention ____ around Oancitizen.
In a new latest announcement video, ____ has announced an appearance at ____.
In a surprise twist, the villain of Linkara's next story arc turned out to be ____.
In her newest review, Diamanda Hagan finds herself in the body of ____.
In his latest review, Phelous was killed by ____.
In his most recent Avatar vlog, Doug's favorite thing about the episode was ____.
In my new show, I review ____ while dressed like ____.
In the newest Cheap Damage, CR looks at the trading card game version of ____.
In trying to ban ____, Florida accidentally banned ____.
It was all going well until they found ____.
IT'S NOT ____!
It's not nudity if there's ____.
JW confirms, you can play ____,
Kyle's next student film will focus on ____.
Last time I took bath salts, I ended up ____ in ____.
Leon Thomas almost named his show Renegade ____.
Linkara now prefers to say ____ in lieu of "fuck".
Linkara was shocked when he found out Insano was secretly ____.
Linkara's next story arc will involve him defeating ____ with the power of ____.
Linkara's Yu-Gi-Oh deck is built up with nothing but ____.
Luke Mochrie proved he was still part of the site by____.
Luke's newest character is ____, the Inner ____.
Make a WTFIWWY story.
MikeJ's next sexual conquest is ____.
Nash had a long day at work, so tonight he'll stream ____.
Nash rejected yet another RDA request for ____.
Nash will build his next contraption with just ____, ____, and ____.
Nash's newest made-up curse word is ____-____-____!
Nash's recent rant about Microsoft led to ____.
Nash's Reviewer Spotlight featured ____.
New rule in the RDA Drinking Game: Every time ____ happens, take a shot!
Next January, the Nostalgia Critic is doing ____ Month.
Next time on Obscurus Lupa Presents: " ____ IV: The Return of ____".
No one wants to see your ____.
Of course! Don't you know anything about ___?
Of Course! Don't you know anything about ____?
On the next WTFIWWY, Nash will give us a brief history of ____.
On the other side of the Plot Hole, the Nostalgia Critic found ____.
Putting ____ in ____? That doesn't go there!
Reactions were mixed when ____ joined TGWTG.
Rock and Roll is nothing but ____ and the rage of ____!
Sad Panda is actually ____ and ____.
Sage has presented JO with the new ecchi series ____.
Sean got his head stuck in ____.
Snowflame feels no ____.
Snowflame found a new love besides cocaine. What is it?
So let's dig into ____ #1.
Some fangirls lay awake all night thinking of ____ and ____ together.
Tara taught me that if you're going to engage in ____, then ____ isn't a good idea.
The best Bad Movie Beatdown sketch is where Film Brain ropes Lordhebe into ____.
The controversy over ad-blocking could be easily solved by ____.
The easiest way to counteract a DMCA takedown notice is with ____.
The invasion of Molassia was tragically thwarted by ____.
The last time Welshy and Film Brain were in a room together, they ended up ____.
The MAGFest Nerf War took a dark turn when ____ was waylaid by ____.
The new site that will overtake TGWTG is ____.
The newest fanfic trend is turning ____ into ____.
The newest Rap Libs makes extensive use of the phrase "____."
The newest reviewer addition to the site specializes in ____.
The next crossover will have ____ and ____ review ____.
The next person to leave Channel Awesome will announce their departure via ____.
The next Renegade Cut is about ____ in a beloved children's movie.
The next TGWTG porn spoof? ____ with ____!
The Nostalgia Critic will NEVER review ____.
The only thing Linkara would sell his soul for is ____.
The RDA chat knew Nash was trolling them when he played ____.
The real reason MAGFest was ruined was ____.
The reason Linkara doesn't like milk in his cereal is ____.
The secret of Linkara's magic gun is ____.
The theme of this week's WTFIWWY is ____.
The website was almost called "thatguywith____.com".
They even took ____! Who does that?!
This week, Nash's beer is made with ____.
This weekend, the nation of Haganistan will once again commence its annual celebration of ____.
To top One More Day, future comic writers will use ____ to break up a relationship.
To troll the RDA chat this time, Todd requested a song by ____.
Todd in the Shadows broke the Not a Rhyme button when the singer tried to rhyme ____ with ____.
Todd knew he didn't have a chance after trying to seduce Lupa with ____.
Turns out, that wasn't tea in MikeJ's cup, it was ____.
Using alchemy, combine ____ and ____ to make ____!
Viewers were shocked when Paw declared ____ the best song of the movie.
WAIT! I have an idea! It involves using ____!
We all made a mistake when we ate ____ at MAGFest.
Well, I've read enough fanfic about ____ and Lupa to last a lifetime.
Welshy is to ____ as Sad Panda is to ____.
What broke Nash this week?
What delayed the next History of Power Rangers?
What did Doug bring to the set of To Boldly Flee?
What did the commenters bitch about next to Doug?
What do Brad and Floyd like to do after a long day?
What does Linkara eat with his chicken strips?
What does Nash like to sing about?
What does Todd look like under his mask?
What does Ven have to do now?
What doesn't go there?
What doesn't work that way?
What else does Diamanda Hagan have to live with every day?
What hot, trendy new dance will feature in Paw's next Dance Spectacular?
What is as low as the standards of the 90's Kid?
What is hidden in Linkara's hat?
What is in Sci Fi Guy's vest?
What is literally the only thing tastier than a dragon's soul?
What is Snowflame's only known weakness?
What is the name of the next new Channel Awesome contributor?
What is the real reason Demo Reel failed?
What killed Harvey Finevoice's son?
What made Dodger ban someone from the RDA chat this week?
What new upgrade did Nash give Laura?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
What was the first sign that Linkara was turning evil?
What will Nash try to kill next with his hammer?
What will Tara name her next hippo?
What's holding up the site redesign?
What's really inside the Plot Hole?
What's the real reason nobody has ever played the TGWTG Panel Drinking Game?
What's up next on WTFIWWY?
When Arlo The Orc turns into a werewolf, he likes to snack on ____.
When interviewing Linkara, be sure to ask him about ____!
When is the next History of Power Rangers coming out?
When not reviewing or ruling Haganistan with an iron fist, Hagan's hobby is ____.
When the JesuOtaku stream got to the "awful part of the night," the GreatSG video featured ____.
Where'd he purchase that?
Who REALLY called Oancitizen to help him snap out of his ennui?
Whose ass did Zodann kick this time?
Why can't Film Brain stop extending his final vowels?
Why did Nash go to Chicago?
Why does Linkara have all of those Cybermats?
Why doesn't Doug ever attend MAGFest?
Why doesn't Film Brain have an actual reviewer costume?
Why was Radio Dead Air shut down this time?
Write Linkara's next storyline as a haiku.
You may be a robot, but I AM ____!