[C] Sodomy Dog's Furry Pack

Cartes blanches

A dick so big you have to give it a hugjob.
A fedora enthusiast.
A furpile.
A hermaphrodite foxtaur.
A hermaphrodite snow leopard.
A horny dragon.
A large, flared Chance.
A lime Citra.
A little bitch.
A notebook full of embarrassing niche porn sketches.
A prehensile penis.
A really attractive wolf.
A sassy lioness.
A semen-stained fursuit.
A sexually frustrated griffon.
A slutty gay fox.
A spider furry who isn't even into bondage.
A strategically placed hole.
A surprisingly attractive anteater.
A tongue-beast.
A tub of Vaseline.
A very steampunk rat.
About 16 ounces of horse semen.
Accurate avian anatomy.
Adam Wan.
Adoptables with visible genitalia.
Adorable dog people.
All this lube.
An apartment full of internet-obsessed losers.
An autistic knife fight.
An embarrassingly long F-List profile.
An oversized clitoris that acts as a functional penis.
Anal sex you didn't know you wanted.
Anal training.
Anatomically incorrect genitalia.
Animal genitalia.
Applying your obscure, unrealistic fetishes to 90's cartoon characters.
Attraction to pretty much anything with a penis.
Bad decisions.
Bad Dragon™ cumlube.
Barbed penises.
Barking at strangers.
Bear tits.
Becoming a veterinarian for all the wrong reasons.
Being "prison gay."
Being able to recognize your friends by the scent of their asses.
Being really, really into monsters.
Belly rubs leading to awkward boners.
Big cute paws.
Bowser's sweaty balls.
Canine superiority.
Catching STDs at conventions.
Christian furries.
Confusing feelings about cartoon characters.
Convention sluts.
Discovering monster porn.
Discovering that it's never just a big vagina.
Dog cum.
Dogs wearing panties.
Dragon dildos.
Drawing furry porn.
Drenching your fursuit in Febreeze.
Embarrassing craigslist ads.
Endearing social ineptitude.
Erotic roleplay.
Experimenting with fisting.
Fake furry girls.
Fantasizing about sex with just about every monster you encounter in your video game.
Forgetting which set of fursuit paws you use for handjobs.
Frisky tentacles.
Furries in heat.
Furry porn, shamelessly taped to the walls.
Furry Weekend Atlanta.
Fursuit adventures.
Fursuiters at anime conventions.
Further Confusion.
Getting feathers stuck in your teeth.
Getting fur stuck in your teeth.
Heated debates about human genitalia versus animal genitalia.
Horns and hooves.
Hyper-endowed squirrels.
Ignoring a person's faults because their character is hot.
Impure thoughts about Kobolds.
Intimacy with the family dog.
Jerking off on an unconscious friend's feet.
Krystal, the fox.
Leaving your orifices bloody and sore.
Lifting your tail.
Literally a bucket of semen.
Lovingly rendered dragon anus.
Making out with dogs.
Mary, the anthro mare.
Masturbating, with claws.
Microwaving diapers.
Monster boys in lingerie.
Monsters with bedroom eyes.
Motherfucking wolves.
My tailhole.
Natascha, the anthro husky.
Nipple buffet.
No males, no herms, no cuntboys, no shemales, no trannys, no furries, no aliens, no vampires, and no werewolves. ONLY STRAIGHT OR BI HUMAN FEMALES.
Non-consensual sex with Zaush.
Offensively stereotyped African animals.
Oral knotting.
Overcompensating with a huge horse penis.
People who cosplay at furry conventions.
Pissing on your significant other to show ownership.
Poodles with afros.
Power bottoms.
Puns involving the word "knot."
Realizing that rimming is pretty cool.
Really, really liking Disney's Robin Hood.
Really, truly heterosexual.
Rubbing peanut butter on your genitals.
Sex with Pokémon.
Sex with strangers.
Sexual arousal from children's cartoons.
Sexual interest in pretty much anything with a hole.
Sexy the Cat.
Sheath licking.
Shitting on my face.
Sitting on your face.
Sonic the Hedgehog.
Species stereotypes.
Spending more money on commissions than food in a given week.
Stretching your anus in preparation for horse cock.
Surprise hermaphrodites.
Taking special interest in nature documentaries.
Taking the knot.
That one episode of CSI.
That one straight guy at the party.
That thing that gives your dick a knot IRL.
That time you let your dog go a little further than just sniffing your crotch.
The fine line between feral and outright bestiality.
The Gay Yiffy Club.
The incredibly satisfying sound it makes when you pull it out.
The noises red pandas make during sex.
The premise of every furry comic ever.
The stench of half a dozen unwashed bronies.
The tailstar tango.
The texture and color of raw meat.
Transformation porn.
Tumbles, the Stair Dragon.
Two knots.
Uncomfortably attractive animals.
When "blowing ten bucks" makes you think of a long night with a bunch of deer.
When you catch yourself glancing at the crotches of animated characters.
Your Character Here.
YouTube videos of horse breeding.

Cartes noires

____ are definitely the new huskies.
____ are so goddamn cool.
____ fucking ____. Now that's hot.
____ is a shining example of what those with autism can really do.
____ is my spirit animal.
____ is no substitute for social skills, but it's a start.
____ looks pretty in all the art, but have you seen one in real life?
____ ruined the fandom.
____, by Bad Dragon™.
____: Horrible tragedy, or sexual opportunity?
____? Oh murr.
____? Oh, yeah, I could get my mouth around that.
____. And now I'm bleeding.
____. This is what my life has come to.
____. Yeah, that's a pretty interesting way to die.
Actually coming inside ____.
After being a furry for so long, I can never see ____ without getting a little aroused.
At first I couldn't understand ____, but now it's my biggest kink.
Did you hear about the guy that smuggled ____ into the hotel?
Don't knock ____ until you've tried it.
Everyone on this site has such strong opinions about ____.
Everyone really just goes to the cons for ____.
Everyone thinks that because I'm a furry, I'm into ____. Unfortunately, they're right.
Everyone thinks they're so great, but the only thing they're good at drawing is ____.
Excuse you, I'm a were-____.
Fuck ____, get ____.
Hey, you guys wanna come back to my place? I've got ____ and ____.
I also take ____ as payment for commissions.
I can't believe I spent most of my paycheck on ____.
I can't wait to meet up with my internet friends for ____.
I didn't believe the rumors about ____, until I saw the videos.
I don't know how we got on the subject of dragon cocks, but it probably started with ____.
I don't think my parents will ever accept that the real me is ____.
I knew I had a problem when I had to sell ____ to pay for ____.
I knew I needed to leave the fandom when I realized I was ____.
I knew my boyfriend was a keeper when he said he'd try ____, just for me.
I never felt more accomplished than when I realized I could fit ____ into my ass.
I never thought I'd be comfortable with ____, but now it's pretty much the only thing I masturbate to.
I realized they were a furry when they mentioned ____.
I remember when ____ was just getting started.
I tell everyone I'm not a furry, but I've drawn a lot of ____.
I tell everyone that I make my money off "illustration," when really, I just draw ____.
I think having horns would make ____ complicated.
I used to avoid talking about ____, but now it's just a part of normal conversation with my friends.
I would bend over for ____.
I'll roleplay ____, you can be ____.
I'm about 50% ____.
I'm no longer allowed near ____ after the incident with ____.
I'm not a "furry," I prefer to be called ____.
I'm not even aroused by normal porn anymore, I can only get off to ____ or ____.
I'm not even sad that I devote at least six hours of each day to ____.
I'm only gay for ____.
I'm writing a porn comic about ____ and ____.
I've been into ____ since before I hit puberty, I just didn't know what it meant.
I've been waiting all year for ____.
If my parents ever found ____, I'd probably be disowned.
If you like it, then you should put ____ on it.
In my past life, I was ____.
Is it weird that I want to rub my face on ____?
It all started with ____.
It is my dream to be covered with ____.
It never fails to liven up the workplace when you ask your coworkers if they'd rather have sex with ____ or ____.
It's a little worrying that I have to compare the size of ____ to beverage containers.
It's difficult to explain to friends and family why I know so much about ____.
It's just that much creepier when 40-year-old men are into ____.
It's not bestiality, it's ____.
It's really hard not to laugh at ____.
Jizzing all over ____.
Long story short, I ended up with ____ in my ass.
Lying about having ____ to get donations, which you spend on ____.
Most cats are ____.
My girlfriend won't let me do ____.
My landlord had a lot of uncomfortable questions for me when when he found ____ in my bedroom while I was at work.
My next fursuit will have ____.
My Original Character's name is ____.
My original species combines ____ and ____. It's called ____.
My secret tumblr account where I post nothing but ____.
No, look, you don't understand. I REALLY like ____.
Nobody believes me when I tell that one story about walking in on ____.
Oh, you're an artist? Could you draw ____ for me?
Okay, ____? Pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Once I started roleplaying ____, it was all downhill from there.
Only my internet friends know that I fantasize about ____.
Personals ad: Seeking a female who doesn't mind ____, might also be willing to try a male if they're ____.
Realizing, too late, the implications of your interest in ____ as a child.
Suck my ____.
Taking pride in one's collection of ____.
The most pleasant surprise I've had this year.
The most recent item in my search history.
The panel I'm looking forward to most at AC this year is...
The real reason I got into the fandom? ____.
They're just going to spend all that money on ____.
What are the two worst cards in your hand right now?
What wouldn't I fuck?
When I thought I couldn't go any lower, I realized I would probably fuck ____.
When no one else is around, sometimes I consider doing things with ____.
While everyone else seems to have a deep, instinctual fear of ____, it just turns me on.
Who knew I'd be able to make a living off of ____?
Whoa, I might fantasize about ____, but I'd never actually go that far in real life.
Would you rather suck ____, or get dicked by ____?
Yeah, I know I have a lot of ____ in my favorites, but I'm just here for the art.
You can try to justify ____ all you want, but you don't have to be ____ to realize it's just plain wrong.
You don't know who ____ is? They're the one that draws ____.
You sometimes wish you'd encounter ____ while all alone, in the woods. With a bottle of lube.