[C] Rooster Teeth

Cartes blanches

300,000 Gamerscore.
A bag of dicks.
A gay cave. A gayve.
A megalomaniac with a beard.
A miniature Tower of Pimps.
A plan that involves Grif dying.
A Ray-Cam masturbation moment.
A squid orgy.
A wet paper towel.
Achievement City.
Achievement HORSE.
Achievement Hunter.
Agent Maine / the Meta.
Agent Texas / Allison.
Agent Washington.
Andy the bomb.
Bankrupting your company over a crane game.
Barbara Dunkelman.
Beating a man to death with his own skull.
Because bitches ain't shit.
Because people like grapes.
Because they'd like it.
Being trapped in a dog cage.
Blood Gulch.
Burnie Burns.
Caleb Denecour.
Caleb's house.
Calling dibs on a spaceship.
Camping, as a legitimate strategy.
Dexter Grif.
Dick Simmons.
Discovering your long-lost Creeper parents.
Doing a dig-down.
Doing a double barrel roll and immediately running someone over.
Edgar the cow.
Epsilon's laser face.
Evil Ryan.
Faffy Waffle.
Fails of the Weak.
Fighting to the death on pigback.
Flicking the bean.
Flynt Coal.
Frank "Doc" DuFresne.
Franklin Delano Donut.
Front flip for style!
Gavin Free.
Gavin's dick.
Gavin's Trophy Room of Victory.
Geoff Lazer Ramsey.
Geoff's cancer-curing laugh.
Geoff's hobo beard.
Getting boned.
Getting minged up your quelch.
Giving up and building a house.
Going cakeless.
Grand Theft Auto IV.
Gus Sorola.
Headlight fluid.
In denial.
Jack Pattillo.
Jack's beard.
Jack's dick.
Joe the cat.
Joel Heyman.
Killing Gavin.
Launching dump trucks off an unfinished bridge.
Lavernius Tucker.
Leonard Church.
Lightish red.
Lindsay Tuggey.
Lopez la Pesado.
Losing an hour's worth of footage to a brief blackout.
Man-Gobbler, the turkey bestiality movie.
Mark Nutt.
Mavin slash fiction.
Michael J. Caboose.
Michael Jones.
Montages no one will watch.
Monty Oum.
Omega / O'Malley.
Papa BrownMan.
Performing surgery in space.
Picking up chicks in a tank.
Plan G.
Playing Hitler twice.
Rage Quit.
Randy Newman.
Randy Savage.
Ray Narvaez, Jr.
Ray winning.
Ray's douche-cut.
Ray's sombrero.
Ray's wet sponge.
Reaching a billion total views on YouTube.
Red vs. Blue.
RT Animated Adventures.
RT Confessions.
RT Shorts.
Ryan Haywood.
Sarge's funeral.
Screen looking.
Sheila the tank.
Slapping the controller out of a competitor's hands.
Slo Mo Guys.
Soggy bread.
Something that is top.
Surgeon Simulator 2013.
Tackling Gavin to stop him from winning.
Team Gents.
Team Lads.
Team Magnum Dong.
Team Neighborhood Watch.
Team Nice Dynamite.
Team-killing fucktards.
The adventures of Batman and Randy Newman.
The cardboard cutout of Gus.
The Crev.
The Frienderman.
The Internet Box.
The R&R Connection.
The Tower of Pimps.
Throwing shit at the AHWU announcer.
Trials PIG.
Trying to eat a five-pound gummy bear in one sitting.
Two bases in the middle of a box canyon. Whoop-dee-fuckin'-doo.
Two dumb cunts.
Upside-down Kerry.
Using CPR to treat a bullet wound to the head.
Wearing your headphones backwards during a podcast week after week.
X-Ray and Vav.

Cartes noires

____ is ____ as dicks.
____ is probably a Venusaur kind of guy.
____ is the best ____ ever. Of all time.
____ is the greatest Canadian.
____ is the worst on the Podcast.
____ wins! ____ is a horse!
____. That's top.
After getting wasted at PAX, Burnie announced that "I am ____!"
Barbara sucks ____.
Close up of my ____.
Come to Fort ____!
Describe yourself in one word/phrase.
Detective ____ is down!
Does our house say "We love ____?"
Dude, I got sixteen ____!
Fight, fight, fight, ____?
Fuck it, I mean ____, right?
I'ma smother you in my ____!
If Jack was frog and you kissed him, what would he turn into?
If you could fuck anyone in the world, who would you choose?
If you could have any superpower, what would it be?
If you got $1,000,000 per week, would you ____, but in the next day, you'd have to ____?
If you were allowed to do one illegal thing, what would it be?
It's a ____ out there.
It's not my fault. Somebody put ____ in my way.
Joel plays ____.
Let's do ____ again! This is fun!
Lindsay could fuck up ____.
My ____ is trying to die.
My name is ____, and I hate ____!
No one in the office expected the bromance between ____ and ____.
On tonight's Let's Play, the AH crew plays ____.
People like ____.
RT Recap, featuring ____!
Select two cards to create your team name.
Shout out to ____!
Shout out to my mom. Called my Teddy Bear ____.
So, I was just walking along, until suddenly ____ came along and attacked me.
Thanks to ____ for this week's theme song.
The next RvB cameo will be voiced by ____.
The war's over. We're holding a parade in ____'s honor. ____ drives the float, and ____ is in charge of confetti.
They questioned Ryan's sanity after finding ____ in his house.
This week on AHWU, ____.
This week on Immersion, we are going to test ____.
This week on VS, ____ challenges ____ to a game of ____.
What are fire hydrants called in England?
What does Ryan's kid listen to?
What is Game Night?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the saddest thing you've ever seen?
What is the worst thing anyone could say in front of the police?
What is your biggest feature?
What is your favorite book?
What is your mating call?
What makes Caboose angry?
What makes Michael the angriest?
What mysteries lie beyond Jack's beard?
What would be your chosen catchphrase?
What's in Gavin's desk?
Where are we going for lunch?
Where does Ray belong?
Who has a fake Internet girlfriend?
Why are there six ____ when there are only four ____?
Why are we here?
Why is Geoff cool?
Why was Michael screaming at Gavin?
Would you guys still like me if my name was ____?
You threw it against the wall like a ____!