[C] Derps Against Humanity

Cartes blanches

A Big 'Ol Bowl of Fruit!
A canoe with enough room for Phil.
A Machinima contract.
A robot bird.
A smart joke.
An LP Smarty finished.
Bajan Canadian's fridge.
Bolshevik the wolf.
Chilled and Smarty's wedding.
Chilledchaos' homosexual tendencies.
Criken's Fun House.
DarkSydePhil playing Dark Souls.
Diction watching a burly outdoorsman skin a bear while eating honey and crying.
GaLm's sunglasses.
Getting anally violated by a silverback gorilla.
Hitler's Train!
Inside Shrek's asshole.
Jah be dwarfin' it up!
One of Chuggaconroy's awful puns.
Seananners joyously dropping "presents" on the African minority in GTA.
Seananners' dolphin laugh.
Smash Fighter.
Solving a rubiks cube with your bare nipples.
That time when Machinima played actual machinima videos.
That video of EatMyDiction1 twerking.
The Black Seed.
The Blue Yeti microphone.
The Card Czar.
The Great Youtube Unsubbing of 2012.
The league of being a big faggot.
The Sips Co. Dirt Factory.
The Tom Shark.
Time to cancel Smash Fighter.
Tom drunk off his ass.
Totalbiscuit and Angry Joe frolicking in a meadow.

Cartes noires

____, the one you want to get DDoS'd
And here we have ____. Strike it's weakness for MASSIVE damage!
Bro's Angels. We ____ hard.
But Beardman! Why do you think that ____?
Come on and slam, and welcome to the ____.
GaLmHD is so pro at almost every game he plays yet he can`t play____!
GTA shenanigans would not be GTA shenanigans without Seananners dropping ____ on ____.
I AM THE ____ CZAR!!!
I give this game a rating of ____.
I'm sorry Timmy, but I must ____ you.
In ____ We Trust.
In his new Co-op work SSoHPKC will be playing ____ with ____.
In the next episode of Press Heart to Continue: Dodger talks about ____.
In this week's gauntlet, ChilledChaos challenges Tehsmarty to ____.
In this week's gauntlet, Tehsmarty challenges ChilledChaos to ____.
In today's Driftor in-depth episode we shall look at ____.
It took hours to edit ____ into the video.
Knowing Chilled's knowledge with Minecraft, he'll probably use ____ on ____ in his next video.
Last Thursday, Riorach was identified in public and she proceeded to ____.
My name is-a ____ and i likea da ____.
Oh great, ____ is doing another ____ game LP.
On this episode of PKA Woody and Wings talk about ____.
One of these days i'm just gonna shit my ____.
Only Totalbiscuit would spend an hour long video discussing ____.
Pewdiepie's going to play ____!?
Smarty's darkest fear is ____.
Tehsmarty loves the smell of ____ in the morning.
The comment section was nothing but ____ arguing about ____.
The Creatures' next member is ____.
The Xbox One's DRM policy isn't half as bad as ____.
This time on Brutalmoose's Top 10, his guest was ____.
TotalBiscuit's top hat is actually ____.
Two Best Friends Play ____.
What did Criken do this time to break ARMA III?
What did Mitch or Bajan Canadian find in the fridge today?
What did Pewdiepie overreact to on his channel today?
What was the big prize this time around at the Thrown Controllers panel?
What will YouTube add in its next unneeded update?
What's a paladin?
When Sp00n finally removed his horsemask on the livestream, we saw ____.
You need to ____ your asshole, it's vital to this operation.
ZeRoyalViking's up and coming game company, "ZEA" accredits their success to ____.