[C] Anime Expansion #1

Cartes blanches

4,000 tacos, and one Diet Coke.
7 ft. tall red-headed Alexander the Great.
A 10-year old with boobs twice the size of her head.
A bunny girl having a lightsaber duel with Darth Vader.
A chainsaw-wielding male magical girl zombie.
A couple that spends over 30 manga volumes trying to get to first base.
A cyborg assassin dressed as a magical girl fighting a talking lion and a floating psychic electric jellyfish.
A diet consisting almost entirely of potatoes.
A Dragon Slave.
A giant robot German suplex.
A Godzilla attack.
A laser horse.
A Masamune Shirou artbook.
A naughty nurse outfit.
A potato committing seppuku.
A promotional crossover with Pizza Hut.
A robot having an orgasm.
A school bus orgy.
A smashed-in face.
A sweaty shirtless man holding a large, writhing fish against his chest.
A third-grader seducing her 23-year-old teacher.
A Togepi omelet.
A vampire ninja.
A washpan falling onto someone's head from out of nowhere.
Alice in Sexland.
All the gayness in GetBackers.
An 8 million yen debt to a club of rich pretty boys.
An actual, honest-to-God black guy.
An ancient vampire who looks like she's 10.
An armored truck full of shit.
An artbox that feels like human skin.
An ending where everyone dies.
An unending, unquenchable thirst for orange Fanta.
Angry naked people.
Astro Boy.
Bad Steven Foster dubs.
Banging your adopted daughter.
Black and white samurai movies.
Blowing a child's head off with a rocket launcher.
Breaking the fourth wall to kill the mangaka.
Chest-hair afros.
Chopstick-based martial arts.
Clothing-dissolving slime.
Completely losing your shit over Endless Eight.
Con funk.
Cowboy Andy.
Cute stuff.
Dangling Pokéballs.
Dick Saucer.
Dying over and over again.
Eating KFC on Christmas day.
Epic old bald dudes.
Erotic incestuous toothbrushing.
Flamboyantly gay William Shakespeare.
Franken Fran.
Fucking postcards as a cheap-ass pack-in gift.
Fuckingham Palace.
Garbage collectors... IN SPACE!!
Gas station sushi.
Gen "The Uro-Butcher".
Getting sucked into a fantasy world.
Girls with guns AND glasses.
Going Super Saiyan during orgasm.
Going Super Saiyan while taking a massive dump.
Going Super Saiyan.
Having a giant drill for a dick.
Having sex with a dragon.
Hello Kitty! pregnancy doujins.
Hentai artists who don't change their pen name when they go legit.
Hentai voice acting.
Hideaki Anno's poor, tortured therapist.
High-stakes mahjong.
Hot anime moms.
Inoue Kikoku, 17-years old.
Involuntary crossdressing.
J-pop idols.
Jacking off into a bottle of formaldehyde and calling it our firstborn.
Japanese-style elf ears.
Jerry Jewell's serial killer face.
Korean Jesus.
Literally ripping your own heart out.
Literally spanking a monkey.
Loli in a box.
Magical friendship lasers.
Mamoru Oshii's dog love.
Manga Jesus.
Manly pink sparkles.
Matrix boobs.
Mikuru Beam!
Millionaire Beaver.
Moé schoolgirl Hitler.
Mr. Satan.
My daikon.
Naming yourself after the method of your suicide.
One a them bamboo things that goes "doonk".
Piles of dead children.
Pissing yourself.
Pokémon tears.
Polygamy jokes in a kid's show.
Rock-hard, glistening abs.
Romance of the Three Kingdoms, but everyone is gender-swapped.
Samba-dancing dinosaurs.
Sick with the cancer.
Star-shaped nipples.
Starfish Hitler.
Succubus-on-futanari action.
Super Aryan Hitler.
Teenaged miniskirt-wearing space pirates.
The Chupacabra.
The Dark Lord Shawne Kleckner.
The Puchuu.
The War on Pants.
Tons and tons of close-up underaged schoolgirl ass-shots.
Training a dinosaur to ride a ball.
Transvestite police officers.
Tripping, falling, and landing with your face in a girl's breasts.
Urd, Kana, and Misato in a drinking contest.
Valvrape the Dominator.
Violently beating your friends to death with a baseball bat.
Vocaloid death metal.
Waving it around all willy-nilly.
Wild Tiger's Hundred Power.
Yaoi paddles.
Zelgadis' flame-proof bikini briefs.

Cartes noires

"What the hell, man?!"
"Oh, okay."
After eating a Devil Fruit, I now have the power of ____.
And from Kyoto Animation, a show about cute girls doing ____.
Anime has taught me that classic literature can always be improved by adding ____.
As part of a recent promotion, Japanese KFCs are now dressing their Colonel Sanders statues up as ____.
Attention, duelists: My hair is ____.
Behold! My trap card, ____!
By far, the most mind-bogglingly awesome thing I've ever seen in anime is ____.
Don't stand behind him, if you value your ____.
Fighting ____ by moonlight! Winning ____ by daylight! Never running from a real fight! She is the one named ____!
I've always wanted to become a voice actor, so I could play the role of ____.
If the anime industry is dying, what will be the final nail in it's coffin?
It has been said... That there are entire forests of ____, made from the sweetest ____.
IT'S ____ TIME!
It's no secret. Deep down, everybody wants to fuck ____.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ____... COVERED IN BEES!!!
Madoka Kyouno's nickname for Muginami's older brother is ____.
My Little Sister Can't Be ____!
My love for you is like ____. BERSERKER!
No matter how I look at it, it's your fault I'm not ____!
That's not a squid! It's ____!
The Chocolate Underground stopped the Good For You Party by capturing their ____ and exposing their leader as ____.
The court finds the defendant, ____, guilty of ____, and sentences them to a lifetime of ____.
The moé debate was surprisingly civil until someone mentioned ____.
They are the prey, and we are the ____.
What do otaku smell like?
What does Alucard have nightmares about?
What the hell is "Juvijuvibro"?!
Who cares about the printing press, did that medieval peasant girl just invent ____?!