[C] Antisocial Injustice

Cartes blanches

A cat's sand papery tongue bath.
A Pit Bull named Genghis.
A Rotisserie Chicken.
An All White Jury.
An Amputee's chapped limb nub.
An ingrown toenail on the tip of a penis.
Bringing the Hamburglar to Justice.
Cookie Monster's substance abuse issues.
Ejaculating into an insulin pump.
Febreezing your Taint.
Feline Leukemia.
Finding an adhesive bandage at the bottom of your ice cream.
Flipper Babies.
Leftist Propaganda.
Life after Parole.
Marky Mark's foam rubber penis from Boogie Nights.
Michael J. Fox trying to use a rotary phone.
My Spankerchief.
Pumping a chemical toilet.
Rocky Dennis and John Merrick's lovechild.
Sphincter Bleaching.
The fine line between kinky and perverted.
The Five Knuckle Truffle Punch.
The syrupy goop inside a Stretch Armstrong doll.
Toilet Wine.
Vultures circling a birthday party.

Cartes noires

All attempts at ____, have met with failure and crippling economic sanctions.
At camp, we'd scare each other by telling stories about ____ around the fire.
Choosy Moms Choose ____.
Despite our Administration's best efforts, we are still incapable of ____.
Eating ____ gave me ____.
I wouldn't ____ you with ____.
Show me on ____, where he ____.
Technology improves every day. One day soon, surfing the web will be replaced by ____.
The reason I go to church is to learn about ____.