[C] RagingPsyfag's Pack of Shenanigans

Cartes blanches

2, the Ranting Gryphon.
A Bad Dragon dildo.
A cat trying to stick its nose up your asshole.
A chinese buffet where everything is wrapped in bacon.
A fat Russian Blue that pees on the carpet.
A Fleshlight full of thumb tacks.
A lifetime supply of Olive Garden breadsticks.
A small creature being stuffed in a smelly boot.
A stripper so ugly people throw nickels at her.
A used sock collection.
A woman with a double-wide stroller about to mow you down.
Being facesat by someone who is holding in a fart.
Being pinned to the wall and fucked in a shower.
Being stalked by a paranoid schizophrenic on Reddit.
Being tied up and having a musky foot stuffed in your mouth.
Bending a Lucario over and using its dreadlocks as fuckhandles.
Chance Time.
Chopping up someone's parents and putting them into chili.
Colby 2012.
Finding out your internet stalker's doing 10-30 in federal prison.
Furries on the Tyra Banks show.
Gambling on a fart and losing.
Getting banned from Dave & Buster's.
Getting fucked by the Red Robin.
Giovanni's head being suplexed through a floor.
Going on a diet for the sole reason of being able to fit in a fursuit.
Having every embarrassing kink of yours indulged at one time for a "shamegasm."
Horny, stupid livestock.
Licking Cinnabon icing off of your partner's dick.
Looking up where someone lives because they posted something you didn't like on the internet.
Masturbating at work.
Mewtwo's reveal as a playable character in the next Super Smash Bros. title.
Midna and Wolf Link.
Paying $1,475 for a bath sponge.
Paying $3,500 for an oversized novelty fursuiter badge.
Petty people.
Plush animals that come to life long enough to drink all your rum.
Poking cats.
Poor quality ParkerSteel.
Ray Sipe singing about how /v/ doesn't like video games.
Rick Astley.
Role reversal.
Stayin' Alive.
That barrel in Carnival Night Zone at the supposed "dead end".
The 52 oz. "Fizzinator" from Sheetz.
The Baconator.
The furries.
The Sexflesh Venereal Vinnie Suction Cup Diseased Dildo.
Tickling someone until they almost piss themself.
Tourneyfags who turn off all items when playing Super Smash Bros.
Trees made out of living tentacles.
Uncle Kage.
Using a save state in a video game so you can fap to it later.
Vodka spiked with GHB.
Waiting over a year for someone to finish your art commission.
Whitney's Miltank.

Cartes noires

____ is serious business.
____ ruined the ____ fandom for all eternity.
Anthrocon was ruined by ____.
Furaffinity went down for 48 hours because of ____.
I got an STD from ____.
I unwatched his FurAffinity page because he kept posting ____.
I was fapping to ____, but ____ walked in on me.
If you don't pay your Comcast cable bill, they will send ____ after you.
In recent tech news, computers are now being ruined by ____.
Mewtwo achieved a utopian society when he eliminated ____ once and for all.
My most shameful orgasm was the time I masturbated to ____.
The idiots in that one room at the Westin finally got kicked out of Anthrocon for ____.
The only thing that caused more of a shitfit than Mewtwo's new form is ____.
What are the worst 3 cards in your hand right now?
You don't want to find ____ in your Furnando's Lasagna Wrap.
Yu-Gi-Oh players were shocked when the win condition of holding 5 Exodia pieces was replaced by ____, ____, and ____.