[C] Doctor Who

Cartes blanches

A bigger, bluer TARDIS.
A blinged out TARDIS blasting dubstep when it is traveling.
A Costco-sized bag of Jelly Babies.
A Doctor Who body pillow.
A fez caked with semen.
A furry writing BAD WOLF everywhere.
A global simulcast that forces Whovians to see the sunlight for the first time in ages.
A kid in a gas mask asking if you are his mummy.
A Rusty Cyberman
A shitty Doctor Who knock-knock joke.
A Sonic Screwdriver stuck on the vibrate setting.
A Vashta Nerada that just wants a hug.
Air from my lungs.
An acid rain shower on Skaro.
An Ood getting a starring role in a hentai.
Being used as a plot device by Steven Moffat.
Captain Jack Harkness.
Christopher Eccleston.
Companion Porn.
Dalek porn.
David Tennant.
Davros getting up on the wrong side of the bed.
Drunkenly drawing tally marks on your face.
Fapping to Billie Piper portraying a callgirl.
Fifty years of fanfic.
Finding Autons oddly attractive.
Fish fingering your custard.
Fondling a Dalek's slippery bits.
Getting so much plastic surgery you have to be framed and moisturized.
Glenn Beck convulsively puking as a brood of Daleks swarm in on him.
Just now realizing Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who
K-9 humping your leg.
Kidnapping a barely-legal woman to time travel with.
Low-budget special effects.
Matt Smith.
Opening the door of the TARDIS and leaving a deuce in the time-space continuum.
Plot holes so wide you could drive a truck through them.
Pouting in a rain storm and having to take a wicked piss.
Quitting this panel after one round because you are afraid of getting typecast.
River Song.
Robot Anne Robinson.
Rose Tyler's teeth.
Sharing a public restroom with a Weeping Angel
Siltheen farts.
Sixteen feet of scarf bondage.
Slipping her the ol' plastic Mickey.
Smoking 1,000 cigarettes, just so you can sound like a Dalek when you talk.
Sorry, this answer is only available in the fanfic version of Cards against Con.
Steven Moffatt taking a big old dump in your Cheerios.
Taking a Doctor Poo.
The big banana in your pocket.
The buzzing noise the Sonic Screwdriver makes
The Celestial Toymaker's plaything.
The Doctor going back in time to solve a REAL problem: Twilight.
The Doctor having a chance encounter with a couple of 80s metalheads.
The fuck machine dungeon of the Cybermen.
The hideousness that is Raxacoricofallapatorious.
The Mary Jane Adventures.
The Master singing Bad Case of Loving You.
The Master, baiting the Doctor into a trap
The poor costume decisions that were the 1970s.
The poor decision that is having a staring contest with a weeping angel.
The Silence
Tom Baker, in nothing but a scarf
Walking in on Jack Harkness doing your mom. And your dad.
Wanting to punch that teeny-bopper Whovian that's butthurt the new Doctor isn't in his twenties.
Wishing you could regenerate.
Your dyslexic friend that wants you to come watch a marathon of Doctor How.

Cartes noires

____ was sent to save ____.
According to the Daleks, ____ is better at ____.
Adipose were thought to be made of fat, but are really made of ____.
After we watch an episode, I've got some ____-flavored Jelly Babies to hand out.
At this new Doctor Who themed restaurant, you can get a free ____ if you can eat a plate of bangers and mash in under 3 minutes.
Bowties are ____.
FUN FACT: The Daleks were originally shaped to look like ____.
I hear the next thing that will cause The Doctor to regenerate is ____.
I think the BBC is losing it. They just released a Doctor Who themed ____.
I was ok with all the BAD WOLF graffiti, until someone wrote it on ____.
I'd give up ____ to travel with The Doctor.
In all of space and time you decide that ____ is a good choice?!
It's a little known fact that if you send a ____ to the BBC, they will send you a picture of The Doctor.
Jack Harkness, I can't leave you alone for a minute! I turn around and you're trying to seduce ____.
Old and busted: EXTERMINATE! New hotness: ____.
Originally, the 50th special was going to have ____ appear, but the BBC decided against it in the end.
The Chameleon circuit is working again...somewhat. Instead of a phone booth, the TARDIS is now a ____.
The Doctor did it! He saved the world again! This time using a ____.
The next Doctor Who spin-off is going to be called ____.
There's a new dance on Gallifrey. It's called the ____.
They announced a new LEGO Doctor Who game! Rumor has it that ____ is an unlockable character.
They found some more last episodes! They were found in ____.
What's going to be The Doctor's new catchphrase?
Who is going to be The Doctor's next companion?
Who should be the 13th Doctor?
Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey ____.