[C] Eurovision Song Contest

Cartes blanches

Alexander Rybak.
Cezar Ouatu, his opera falsetto voice, his lifting dress and his naked dancers.
Eldar Gasimov's stone cold,, dead eyes.
Emmelie de Forest's big doe-eyed look.
Epic Sax Guy.
Helena Paparizou breathing a sigh of relief that she didn't win during the economic crisis.
Lena Meyer-Landrut.
Lordi's entire army of makeup artists.
Loreen Talhaoui.
Loreen's hammertime dance.
Malena Ernman's massive arms.
Not being Jedward.
Ruslana's vast array of animals she may or may not have slain with her bare hands.
Showing you the Maiden Tower 15 times.
The ABBApocalypse.
The Eurovision Song Contest.
The shock and anger you feel when your neighbour doesn't give you 12 points.
Verka Serduchka.

Cartes noires

____. As guaranteed as Cyprus giving Greece 12 points.
A (few) word(s) synonymous with Eurovision fans: ____
Azerbaijan, Land of ____.
I'm in loooooooove with a fairytaaaale, even thouuugh it ____.
In an attempt to foster friendly attitudes between ESC entrants, the host country made them ____ and ____.
Johnny Logan is a man of many talents; he wins Eurovisions and ____.
Krista Siegfrids' chronic marrying spree added ____ to her victims list.
Lena goes from Eurovision winner, to participant, to score reader. Her next job is ____.
Misheard lyrics of Verjamem resulted in people thinking Eva Boto screeched ____.
Nothing can bring down Ruslana's chippy mood,, not even ____.
Serbia entered magical girls. How horribly will their contract end?
The BBC have decided to dig up another old relic and send ____ to represent the UK.
The correct procedure for listening to Fairytale is:
The winning act had ____ and ____ as the singer belted out lyrics about ____.
There's rumours of a country buying votes with ____.
This country has declined to participate due to ____.
This performance contains flashing images, ____ and ____.
Women kissing each other on stage, men kissing each other on stage, what next?
Your ideal interval act.